Wednesday, January 21, 2009

guys in green

Brad pitt

Orlando Bloom

Leonardo Dicaprio

Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, this captivating documentary explores the perilous state of our planet, and the means by which we can change our course. Contributing to this crucial film are noted politicians, scientists and other ambassadors for the importance of a universal ecological consciousness.The 11th Hour is directed by Nadia Connors and Leila Conners Peterson and features narration from Academy Award? Nominee Leonardo DiCaprio (The Departed, Blood Diamond).

2009 will be a great year for environmental awareness and action!
Here are some EASY things we can do to make conservation and sustainability a part of our everyday lives:
1. Plan a weekly trip to your Farmer's Market to buy local and organic foods. Eating local cuts down on the your carbon footprint and organic food does not contribute to pollution from pesticide use.
2. Cut back on water use. Take shorter showers, wash car using a bucket instead of a hose (or better yet, use waterless carwash products!), only wash clothes & dishes with a full load, and turn off the faucet when you brush your teeth!
3. Unplug your appliances and chargers when they are not in use. Use a smart power strip to make this easier! Turn off the lights when you are not in the room (I know it sounds silly but a lot of people still don't do this!)
4. Bring your own bag to the store! The hardest thing about this one is remembering the bag. Keep them in your car or the compactable nylon ones in your purse!
5. Recycle all you can! Go online to find out what you can and cannot recycle in your area. You might be surprised that your city is capable of recycling more than you think! Also, find out how you can properly dispose of or recycle electronic waste, prescription drugs, and yard and food waste. Consider making 2009 the year you start composting!
6. Consume less! If something breaks, consider repairing it before you replace it. Repurpose things that still have some life left in it or donate it to someone who can use it when you are through.
7. Change your light bulbs. I know this is totally cliche by now, but believe it or not a lot of people are still using incadecent bulbs! CFLs and Cold Cathode bulbs are improving all the time, especially when it comes to bulbs used with dimmer switches. If you tried to switch in the past and couldn't find what you needed it might be a good time to look again.
8. Drive less. If you life in a mild climate, walk and ride your bike as much as you can. Be efficient with your time and fuel by running all your errands during one outing instead of taking lots of seperate trips. Carpool and use public transportation!
9. Take Action! Consider finding a local organization that is working towards a sustainable future and volunteer! Talk to your friends, family, co-workers and anyone you meet about these easy ways they can make a difference!

These are just a few things that we can all recommit ourselves to doing in the New Year! Remember, all these little actions add up to a big impact and we can all do our part.